As wood creation artisans we often visualize a certain wood that will enhance our project, maximizing its beauty/utility. Or, perhaps there is a need for a solid piece of wood in a size not readily available. Turners are always on the lookout for unique cuts and/or species of green wood which are not available over the counter. These are the needs we can facilitate. With our several resources we can either find the product, a source for the product or offer suggestions for further research to secure the product you need. We ask for a little time – a week or two, depending on the need, but we will follow up with pricing and availability whenever we can.

With our local Woodcraft store’s closing you may also have a need for product, i.e., tools, adhesives, parts, etc. which we can attain for you. Again, it may take a week but the product and the cost will meet your expectations.

Give us a try. We’ll do our best to find a product/solution for your wood working needs.

If you would like to inquire about special orders, please submit a request to us using the form below, or contact us at (812) 459-4969 or