Dusty Wood Warehouse is a unique store designed specifically for wood artisans and crafstmen to shop for non-dimensional lumber. We feature domestic and exotic woods including flat stock, turning blocks, thin stock and special order products.


JUST IN - For guitar makers:We now have 8/4 Swamp Ash - all the characteristics of Ash but extremely light weight. In fact it is less than 3 pounds per board foot. We also have 16/4 poplar - 8' lengths, rough sawn. For turners and artists... We will have a nice long Box Elder delivered within a few weeks. This species has a unique, beautiful red center pattern that support creative designs. We now carry 4/4 Superior grade Alder, the cabinet makers delight, as well as 8/4 basswood - great for carving. Also received a great selection of wide red oak boards - some 15" to 19" pieces. Too, we offer sharpening service coordination. Blades and tools are sharpened by Global Cutting Solutions in Jasper. They normally have product returned in one week. Let us help keep your tools sharp and ready to perform. * Our website is updated every couple of weeks. While you will get a good feel for what we do, personal contacts are always welcomed We now have a nice supply of quarter sawn cherry.If you haven't seen it before it is worth a trip. * Pen Blank specials. Multiple species available. 6/4 Zebrawood on special - close out pricing.